ISO 27001 certified in collaboration with ProcessManager

Why did we choose to get certified:
We know that the data customers upload to our platform is very valuable to them and having defined processes around information security is of utmost importance to them. Through several questionnaires it became clear that ISO 27001 certification could be beneficial for us but also for our clients.

Why we chose ProcessManager ApS:
Initially we interviewed a number of consultants to understand what could be provided and who could help with what. At that time we didn’t know how the certification process worked at all and were learning what we needed to do.

We found that ProcessManager were pragmatic and direct, qualities which we appreciate. They gave well reasoned estimates of the time and effort we would need to invest and also the permanent changes we’d need to implement to our business. That was very important for us who were so new to this. We could see from their past work they had a lot of experience helping companies like ours through this process.

The process

How we experience the process:
We are ourselves very customer focused as we know from experience that people appreciate the human touch. So we were very thankful that Kim and Reidar work in this way too. There were many cases where we would get stuck on details or had questions about the best way to approach problems and it was very efficient for us to get on a quick Zoom call or to send a mail and get guidance on how we should approach these things.

It was a fairly steep learning curve for us and I am quite sure it would have taken many more months to achieve without your help so thanks very much.


What we got out of the process:
ltimately we achieved our goals, which were to become ISO 27001 certified in a relatively short time. When we started the process we knew some of what ISO was about and had actually read the specifications but it was very overwhelming and we weren’t sure where to start. So we were very grateful to be directed by ProcessManager.

The quality of our business has been lifted significantly. Our product has really taken off in the market and so we are growing very fast and as you can imagine, hiring. It’s helped us immeasurably to have processes in place throughout the hiring process from the very start with background checks, through to sharing the processes our business use for doing sales right through to the technical aspects around data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Process Manager
Process Manager